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Image by Leone Venter


Our proprietary AI-driven application enables us to leverage full customizability for our clients while maintaining SOC 1 / SOC2, HIPAA, EU-US Privacy Shield and DFARS security certifications. 


Our platform supports robust API capability, enabling our team to seamlessly integrate with multiple interfaces in a single, secure site. From client portals to the most current evidence-based guidelines, Our software is specifically customized per each client's needs to ensure jurisdictional compliance and timeliness on all aspects of independent review. 

Machine Learning

Continuously improving with each and every case, our proprietary software transforms unstructured medical records into categorized, actionable data. By combining the latest machine learning and natural language processing technology with expert, clinical reviewers, each case we review undergoes extensive analysis. This ensures a comprehensive review at a fraction of the traditional review time, enabling a pass-through of cost savings to our clients. 


Our adaptive program prompts our reviewers with multiple facets to consider when crafting a determination, all within the immediate context of client and jurisdictional requirements, clinical judgment, and independent review expertise. This approach enables our entire staff to ensure consistency between even the most outlier cases and provides our clients with the ability to scale with virtually no ramp-up time. 

Tiered Access

A tiered access approach enables administrators to provide healthcare professionals with tailored reports, streamlining the independent review process. Incorporating multiple features such as Quality Assurance check, intra-case messaging, and report generation, our clients receive a customized deliverable specific to their requirements. This approach allows us to include both routine and outlier concerns, ensuring data leveraging and a consistent product no matter the scale.


Our API is able to seamlessly link to your platform, enabling real-time uploading of requests and return of determinations. This greatly minimizes human data entry error while simultaneously improving turnaround times and the processing capacity of expedited requests. 

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