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Our Advantage

Don't let our name fool you. Physical Therapy was our beginning. Transforming healthcare is our destination. 

Our Team

Our organization utilizes highly trained, Physical & Occupational Therapists as Utilization Review Specialists. Our staff is not only well-versed in medications and procedures, but posses an array of clinical decision-making skills and understand the rationale behind care delivery. From a clinical perspective, they analyze symptom presentations, evaluate conservative measures, and weigh diagnostic findings to evaluate appropriate treatment courses. From an educational perspective, all of our specialists hold either a Masters or Doctoral degree in their field and have completed extensive coursework in research and evidenced-based literature. By combining these two skillsets, our team provides a truly comprehensive quality assurance evaluation of our physician reviewer’s reports for each individual case. 

Medical Team
Analyzing Scans

Our Technology

To leverage the skillsets of our team, we have built our own, proprietary software system that maximizes efficiency, accuracy, and quality on all reports.  We have the ability to program each individual client according to their respective accreditation to ensure consistency. If a client has specific turnaround times, special handling instructions or methods of report access or billing outside of our normal procedures, we are able to enter that in a central location that is applied to each and every report generated. Along with these features, our team is able to access a full list of policies and procedures specific to that client in order to evaluate any outlier cases which may require additional research or special instructions. Finally, our clients are able to have full access to the system and upload, monitor, and view current and historical cases. We are able to customize not only the deliverable report itself but also able to showcase metrics such as turnaround time, accuracy percentage, appeal rates, etc. based on client preference and KPIs. The system in its entirety leverages adaptive, proprietary technology to eliminate redundant tasks, greatly reduce manual entry (and subsequent errors which may follow) and improve turnaround times. By streamlining these processes, we are able to drive costs down significantly for our clients while maintaining an extremely accurate and consistent product.

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